OUR UNIQUE approach

Nimbus is applying deep computational chemistry expertise throughout the drug discovery and development process to create novel small molecules for substantial and underserved human diseases in metabolism, oncology and immunology.

cures from code

At our core, we are a drug discovery company, enabled by our privileged partnership with Schrödinger, our computational chemistry co-founder. Our arsenal of in silico capabilities is unmatched in the industry and extends into all aspects of discovery and early development.

intelligent target selection

We couple novel insights from human genetics and recent advances in biology with our experience and expertise in computational chemistry and drug discovery to select targets that are an excellent fit for our platform capabilities and could yield important new medicines for disease areas with high unmet need.

a world of collaborators

Our expertise extends from our nimble team of experts through a unique ecosystem shaped by drug discovery partnerships with industry leaders and technology partnerships with industry, academia and government. Together, we can find molecules de novo and support their development through to registration.

Our partnership with SchrÖdinger

We have a longstanding, exclusive partnership with Schrödinger, the leader in chemical simulation and in silico drug discovery. Schrödinger developers work alongside Nimbus medicinal chemists and biologists to write bespoke code and develop new in silico algorithms to overcome challenges specific to Nimbus programs. Our joint team designs, iterates and optimizes leads using a variety of next-generation, physics-based technologies, enabling the rapid iteration and refinement of new methodologies. Nowhere else in the industry does there exist such a tight integration between in silico tools and classic drug discovery expertise.

Additional Partnerships

Nimbus has multiple enabling partnerships with other widely known and respected academic and industry organizations. Each partnership is designed to enhance and accelerate our unique approach to small molecule drug discovery and development. Some of our partners include the following:


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