December 18, 2023

Anagenex and Nimbus Announce a Multi-Target Collaboration to Discover Small Molecule Therapeutics for Multiple Indications

BOSTON, Mass., December 18, 2023 – Anagenex and Nimbus Therapeutics (Nimbus) today announced they have initiated a research collaboration. Anagenex, a pioneering drug discovery company pairing large-scale data generation with proprietary artificial intelligence (AI), will work closely with Nimbus to discover small molecule drugs for multiple challenging targets.

Through this multi-target collaboration, the companies will apply Anagenex’s AI driven parallel biochemistry platform to generate billions of experimentally measured datapoints for each of Nimbus’ nominated targets. Anagenex will then use the resulting data to train proprietary AI models that will generatively design 100 million new target-specific molecules to experimentally probe structure activity relationships at an unprecedented scale and speed ultimately identifying highly selective and potent drug candidates. Under the terms of the agreement, Anagenex will receive an upfront payment and will be eligible for option and R&D milestone payments from Nimbus on each of the programs under the collaboration.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Nimbus, one of the original and most successful computationally aided drug discovery and development companies,” said Nicolas Tilmans, CEO of Anagenex. “We’re very excited to join forces with them in attacking new targets beyond oncology a few hundred million compounds at a time.”

“Anagenex’s platform is highly synergistic with Nimbus’ computational and structure-based drug discovery expertise,” said Peter Tummino, Ph.D., Nimbus’ Chief Scientific Officer. “At Nimbus, we have prioritized important but difficult-to-drug targets across multiple therapy areas. This new collaboration with Anagenex perfectly complements our broader efforts across early discovery to advance new small molecule medicines against these targets with the goal of improving patients’ lives.”

About Nimbus Therapeutics

Nimbus Therapeutics is a clinical-stage, structure-based drug discovery company developing novel small molecule medicines designed to act against well-validated but difficult-to-drug targets implicated in multiple human diseases. Nimbus combines leading-edge computational technologies with a tailored array of machine learning-based predictive modeling approaches. Nimbus’ pipeline includes a clinical-stage HPK1 inhibitor for the treatment of cancer (NCT05128487), as well as a diverse portfolio of preclinical programs focused on cancer, autoimmune conditions and metabolic diseases. Nimbus is headquartered in Boston, Mass. To learn more about Nimbus, please visit

About Anagenex

Anagenex is pairing large-scale data generation with AI to discover the next generation of small molecule medicines. Driven by over 100 billion proprietary measurements, Anagenex’s platform leverages AI to design and synthesize target-specific compounds for testing in two weeks, creating a virtuous cycle between real lab experiments and computational tools. Led by a team of highly experienced scientists and engineers, the company’s internal pipeline is focused on synthetic lethal oncology. Learn more about us at or connect with us on LinkedIn.


Anagenex Media Contact
Karen Sharma
MacDougall Advisors

Nimbus Media Contact
Cindy Fung, Ph.D.

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